Taco de Wolff

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About me

I am a physicist who likes to work on a wide range of topics and research. Currently I am working at the bio-engineering department in Auckland, New Zealand, where we work with CT-scans of lungs from humans and animals to perform finite element analysis and simulations. Additionally, I do a lot of programming work and I give tech talks about using Go within companies (contact me for bookings). My interests also extend to exploring macroeconomics and geopolitical ideas, as well as learning new languages and encountering new cultures. I’m also an avid kitesurfer riding at spots around the world and in the winter I like to go skiing, working occassionally as a ski instructor.

Graduated in January 2018 from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, I am now a Master in Physics. My Bachelor’s thesis was about growing graphene on copper foil and for my Master’s I have specialized into materials research and worked on copper nanoparticle sputtering to create hydrophobic surfaces. Additionally, in Florian√≥polis, Brazil, I worked on modelling material deposition using a laser cladding setup with applications in the aerospace industry.

As a programming, I work as an experienced freelancer in programming languages such as Go, PHP, C#, and others, and develop applications and websites for clients. In the mean time I’ve worked on an assortment of applications and libraries, such as a very fast minifier for web file formats written in Go and Dex a CMS written in PHP.

Languages and fluency