Taco de Wolff

Data Scientist

Call of Duty Mods

I actually made only 3 mods. A weapon handling mod, a skin mod and a UI mod.

GMB mod

Weapon skin, sound and handling modification, made for the GMB clan. Together with [GMB]**Flash we changed the way guns fire, to make the game more realistic. Skin and sounds are for fun.

Download: GMB mod - 28.6MB

Camouflage mod

Camouflage mod screenshot
Fig 1: camouflage mod

Players clothes are camouflaged, which means the skins have earth/snow stains. In winter maps all soldiers have snow on themselves, and in summer soldier have earth on themselves.

Three versions: mixed, summer and winter. Mixed is only the clothes, not additional things like ammobags. Summer is both clothes and addition things with earth. And winter is the same as summer, but with snow.

Download: - 7.14MB
Download: - 13.2MB
Download: - 14.5MB

Darius’ mod

Darius' mod screenshot
Fig 2: Darius' mod

Graphical User Interface will be changed. The menus and starting screen looks better and has quite nice music :). The theme is a bit earthy/gold. Not all menus are fixed though, but most look much better :).

P.S.: it’s called “Darius’ mod” because my internet name used to be Darius for quite a while…

Download: - 6.61MB