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I am a researcher and programmer working in a wide range of fields and with a broad interest. Currently, I work for the University of Auckland within the bio-engineering department on FEM and 3D material simulations. Last year I have been working in Brazil on modelling material deposition of a laser cladding setup. I am currently looking for a new challenge next year, hopefully in a latin country but I'm open for anything. Please contact me to discuss job opportunities!

To know more about my professional history, see the About section or check my LinkedIn profile. Below is a collection of posts about programming, kite surfing and anything in between.

Latest Posts

Kiting in Auckland

November 07, 2018

A review of Auckland and its kitespots, the biggest city in New Zealand.

Kiting in Florianópolis

February 25, 2018

A review of Florianópolis and its kitespots, an island along the coast in the south part of Brazil.

The perfect webserver

March 10, 2016

Set up a linux webserver using HAProxy, Varnish, Apache, PHP-FPM, and Let's Encrypt.

Logitech G5 mouse disassemble

October 31, 2014

Disassembling the Logitech G5 mouse to replace the D2FC-F-7N click component.

Domain independent htaccess

October 02, 2014

Examples of htaccess pieces that can be useful for generic rewriting of URLs. These rules make URLs canonic while not requiring to hardcode the domain name or directory the website is in.

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