Taco de Wolff

Data Scientist


This will become a list of tools I made whenever I was in need of one. Some are very simple, some might be complex. Often the simple ones are hard to find on the internet, particularly solid ones. I therefore present the tools here, as a portfolio, but more importantly as a place to distribute my work. So not only I, but also others may enjoy.

This is a list of tool applications that will, hopefully, help you as well.


JPEG example image
Fig 1: JPEG example output

Application including source code which converts an RGB (interleaved) 24bpp bitmap into a JPEG file. It implements the theory described in JPEG file format and JPEG scan data.

It is able to set the quality from 1 till 100. Examples are included.

Download: - 5.45MB


HexAid screenshot
Fig 2: HexAid screenshot

Handy for file decryption and other binary work. It converts between any of these representations: hexadecimal, ASCII, integral and floating points. Enter any, and the remaining fields will be synchronized. Use this if you have a hexadecimal value, and would like to know what it would represent in a character string / an integer / a floating point value.

It works at 32-bits at once, which is often the size of integers and floating points (float).

Download: - 4.12MB